The Best African Violet Mix

The Best African Violet Mix

Mosser Lee is an American company that started in 1932 and has become the largest harvester and fabricator of sphagnum moss long fiber products in North America. Below is an article on how to make the best African Violet plant soil mix for healthier and vibrant violets.

Mary Poe’s Mix is a perfect potting soil mix for the sensitive needs of African Violets. It is light weight, easy to plant, clean to use and easy to clean up. Following this easy recipe will produce a mix with the perfect water retention and nutrition for your African Violets. The main ingredient in this mix is milled sphagnum moss, which holds up to 20 times its weight in water without producing a soggy environment. Mosser Lee harvests long fibered sphagnum moss in the marshes of Wisconsin and mills it perfectly into its light weight NoDampOff organic seed starter.

What you will need:

1.      2 bags of Mosser Lee NoDampOff™ Seed Starter (222 cu in bags)

2.      5-gallon bucket for mixing

3.      1 ½ pint of Perlite

4.      3 cups finely ground Eggshells

5.      1 ½ cups Mosser Lee Horticultural Charcoal

6.      3 level Tablespoons Dolomite lime

7.      1 teaspoon of Optimara African Violet Plant Food

8.      Gloves (Always wear gloves when handling moss, plants, and soils.)

9.      Hot water


Easy directions to make May Poe’s African Violet Mix:

1.      Place all the ingredients in the bucket.

2.      Add about 1 quart of very hot water. The moss mixes with hot water easier than cold water. Mix well. Make sure that you wear gloves when handling moss, plants, and soils. Hint: The moss may tend to float on the water, so just keep pushing it into the water until mixed. You may need to add small amounts additional water. The mixture should look like a stiff paste.

3.      Cover the mixture and let stand for a few days. It is now ready for use.

Article Courtesy of Mosser Lee Company