Transfer Tooling: The Benefits of Reshoring Manufacturing to the USA

Transfer Tooling Benefits


  • Interested in reshoring your plastics manufacturing?
  • Searching for the right manufacturing partner to help your company facilitate a seamless plastic injection mold transfer?
  • Looking to retool or rapidly add new capacity where needed?


Since 1972, Matrix Tool, Inc. has been a full-service strategic manufacturing partner supplying our customers with high-precision injection molds and molded products for high-precision industries, such as telecommunications, automotive, medical, electronics and more.  Matrix has successfully completed hundreds of transfer tooling projects in our company’s 50+ year history. We regularly help our customers to resolve high-maintenance tooling challenges and product quality issues while often finding ways to reduce costs.


Recently, a customer of ours was experiencing costly and time-consuming quality issues with their current molder. This former supplier was unable to resolve their manufacturing issues and to fulfill our customer’s orders in a timely manner. To avoid a crisis, the customer turned to Matrix for help. After transferring this challenging and complex injection mold to Matrix, our team of expert toolmakers and engineers were able to provide rapid results for this project.  We developed a sound plan, systematically addressed each issue, and delivered parts of the highest quality to our customer within weeks of the transfer to Matrix.



More than 350,000 manufacturing jobs were reshored to the United States in 2022, which was 40% more than in 2021 according to the Reshoring Initiative. Some of the more recent factors influencing manufacturers to reshore their operations include: rising labor costs from overseas countries, tariffs placed on injection molds and/or steel components imported from China, increased shipping costs due to rising fuel prices, supply chain disruptions caused by ongoing events like the COVID-19 Pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine and more.




There can be many benefits for a company to consider reshoring to a full-service domestic manufacturing partner and supplier, especially during times of supply chain instability. For example, companies that have partnered with a domestic manufacturer and reshored production to the USA have experienced benefits such as greater control over their production process, improved product quality and efficiency, expanded manufacturing capabilities, faster response times and deliverables, increased innovation, personal customer service, and much more.




Matrix Tool excels at quickly diagnosing and resolving all forms of injection molding challenges and inefficiencies that you may be encountering. We have the technical expertise needed to help your company transition your molds in a seamless manner to ensure a quick and efficient return to production. Whether your company is looking to move production from an offshore country back to the USA to mitigate your supply chain risk, trying to replace an underperforming supplier, or for any other reason, Matrix Tool is confident in our expertise to help fulfill your injection molding and tooling needs.


It is important to remember tool transfers should not be overcomplicated and stressful, especially when thorough planning, communication, and collaboration occurs between the vested parties. This is especially true at Matrix thanks to our stand-alone mold conditioning department of plastics engineers, toolmakers and technicians who provide 24-hour tool evaluation, sampling, de-bug, repair and changeover services for our molding department. If your company is suffering from any of the common manufacturing issues below, please reach out to Matrix today to see how we may be able to help!




  • The immediate need to reshore production to the USA (increased freight costs, longer lead times, etc).
  • Encountering an underperforming supplier within their own supply chain.
  • Experiencing costly and time-consuming quality issues at a prior supplier.
  • Lack of customer service and/or not being valued at prior supplier.
  • Poor relationship with prior supplier due to minimal collaboration and support.
  • The need to consolidate the supply chain.
  • The need for retooling or rapidly adding new capacity to the existing tooling, or scaling of the business.










We would like to thank  Riley Lewis, Marketing Specialist at Matrix Tool for sharing the information about transfer tooling and hope it sheds light on the subject for our readers. For more information on the subject you can go to their website at the link below.

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